How to do a Maximum of Mascara – Having long, thick lashes is a dream for many women. With mascara you can make your lashes longer, thicker and give a bigger effect to the eyes.

How to do a Maximum of Mascara

Apart from using mascara, it is also very important to use an eyelash serum to nourish your lashes to make them look more beautiful. Launching from Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia, there are a few tips for your mascara to work more optimally on lashes.

  1. Pinching the lashes

Pinching or curling your lashes helps keep them looking curled. Carefully pinch and hold for 30 seconds while tilting your wrist gently upwards. For maximum and long-lasting results, you can use your hair dryer. You do this by heating your eyelash curler for about 10 to 20 seconds then clip it as usual on your lashes. It is highly recommended not to curl your lashes after applying mascara.

  1. Use an eyelash primer

Before you use mascara, it’s a good idea to use a primer first. Primer functions to nourish your lashes to prevent brittleness and lengthen your lashes. Many beauty products brands have already released eyelash primers.

  1. Apply mascara

Apply mascara by holding the mascara wand horizontally and dabbing one strand of your lashes. Use it slowly so that the mascara doesn’t clump on your lashes. Additionally, you can hold the mascara wand vertically and use the wiper motion to separate your lumpy lashes.

Actually, to get curly and long lashes perfectly, there are various ways you can do it. Apart from applying Eyelash Extensions, you can also use natural ingredients that can grow lashes naturally.

Maybe that’s all we can convey to all of you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer site for various other types of valuable information.